Post-Tensioning Design and Analysis Programs

PTData.Net and PTPlus.Net are Windows-based computer programs for the design and analysis of post-tensioned slabs, beams and plates. PTData.Net is extremely easy to use and is intended for both occasional and regular designers of post-tensioned concrete floor systems. PTData.Net can be used to quickly model and design all typical floor elements. PTPlus.Net is
intended for more complex analysis and design problems, such as varying cross-sectional geometries, stepped elements, penetrations through beams, openings in slabs, etc.

New Release with New Features but just as user-friendly as it's been for over 30 years.

***New Features***
Runs on Windows 7 & XP / 64 Bit & 32 Bit Machines
Watch Stresses & Balanced Loads Change Instantly on the Same Screen as You Adjust Profiles and Forces (Remember the DOS Version?)
Print Directly From the Programs (Including PDF Files with Adobe Acrobat Installed)
Improved Automated Column Capital Design for Two-Way Slabs
Controlling Rebar Menu Screen - See the Controlling Rebar At Each Joint and In Each Span Before Printing the Output.

***Same Great Features***
Same Coding and Easy-to-Use Interface Originally Designed by PTI Legend & ACI 318 Member Ken Bondy & PTI Legend Merrill Walstad
Developers of PTData.Net (Ken Bondy, Merrill Walstad, Dirk Bondy & Bryan Allred) Have Been the Engineer of Record on More Than 100 Million Combined Square Feet of Post-tensioned Structures Designed with PTData & PTData.Net
Fast and Efficient Design of Beams, One & Two-Way Slabs Without Unnecessary Bells & Whistles
Compact and Easy to Read Output. All Required Final Design Criteria are Easy to Find
Designed by Practicing Licensed Structural Engineers for Practicing Engineers & Instructors
Very Useful in Evaluating Output From Complex Finite Element Programs
Numerous Built-In Warnings of Overstresses or Departures from Standard Practice to Help Mitigate Errors or Poorly Proportioned Designs

PTData.Net is Ideal For:

Parking Structures                Auto Dealerships                Hotels                Residential Structures

Commercial Structures                Podium Projects                Office Structures

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