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Dirk Bondy
Curriculum Vitae

K. Dirk Bondy, S.E. is President of Seneca Structural Engineering, Inc., a design firm specializing in both internal and external post-tensioning. He is also the president and RMO of The Great American Cable Company II, Inc., a contracting firm specializing in the construction of external post-tensioning systems.

Bryan Allred
Curriculum Vitae

Bryan Allred is Vice President of Seneca Structural Engineering, Inc. His professional interest and experience are in the area of seismic analysis and design of concrete and steel structures. He has participated in the design of many diverse projects from parking structures to regional malls, as well as the seismic evaluation and analysis of existing concrete and steel buildings.

Professional Articles

"Evaluation and Repair of Existing Post-Tensioned Buildings With Paper-Wrapped Tendons Experiencing Corrosion Damage,"
by K. Dirk Bondy, PTI Journal, December 2006

"Externally Applied Post-Tensioning Systems,"
by K. Dirk Bondy, STRUCTURE Magazine, July 2005

"A More Rational Approach to Capacity Design of Seismic Moment Frame Columns,"
by K. Dirk Bondy, Earthquake Spectra, Vol. 12, No. 3, August 1996

"Common Post-Tensioning and Construction Issues,"
by Bryan Allred, STRUCTURE Magazine, July 2005

"Issues in Post-Tensioned Construction,"
by Bryan Allred, Concrete Construction, January 2006

"Post-Tensioned Slabs,"
by Bryan Allred, Journal of Light Construction, March 2004

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